Beginning in 1947, the first fragmented meetings of the Grand Island Chamber of Commerce were held. A membership drive was undertaken and the Grand Island Chamber of Commerce was officially chartered as a private, non-profit corporation in 1948. The following year the first Grand Island Telephone book was born and is still published on an annual basis. The Chamber started as and continues to be made up of concerned business and professional people who volunteer their time and resources to make Grand Island a better place to live, work and play.

Proud of what it has accomplished over the years, the Chamber has a track record of getting on board to assist business and residential growth. It prides itself on dealing with concerns that impact the community. In 1972, The Chamber sought to have the abandoned Nike Base turned over to the Town of Grand Island for development. It is an educational, recreational facility home to the Golden Age Center, Reality Café Youth Center and Eco Island. The Chamber moved its office in 2005, remodeling a burnout building on the Town’s main street, bringing professional offices to a location across from the Town Hall.

The Chamber continues to provide up–to-date tourism guides, Grand Island maps, brochures and promotional items. It also publishes the history of Grand Island Cinderella Island. It provides relocation kits and business site information along with a video for use as a marketing tool for businesses and organizations on the Island.

The Citizen of the Year Award, Scholarship Award and Youth Ambassador Program were created in a effort to recognize those who have worked hard for the entire community in services, education and pride in the community. Island Happenings offers local businesses and organizations a chance to spotlight their endeavor. Held in conjunction with KidBiz, the event provides all of the community with a fun filled occasion.

Over 300 members benefit from exposure, networking and becoming a part of a unified voice on business issues. Continuing to deliver a positive focus on membership, new programs and promotions, The Chamber strives to bring more business to the “Town Center”. It also continues to add benefits for our members, through various sponsorship and partnerships with other organizations and government.