Where do I start?

Well, since you’re here, take a look at the information here on our website. Then contact our office to answer your specific questions. First, eligibility is determined for your business & employees. Select the specific medical, vision &/or dental plans that meet your needs. Complete the applications. Because the Chamber works with different providers, there are separate applications for medical, vision & dental plans. Pay your first quarter bill.

When does insurance become effective?

Once all the forms are complete and payment submitted, it takes 3-5 days for insurance to activate.

What is the plan year?

The plan year is January 1 through December 31.

Is there an annual open enrollment?

Yes, every year the Chamber has an open enrollment period in November. During open enrollment changes may be made to your plans that take effect January 1.

How are premiums billed?

The Grand Island Chamber of Commerce is one of the few Chambers that offers the flexibility of two billing choices; monthly and quarterly, in advance.


Monthly billing is due the 15th for the following month of coverage.


An example of quarterly billing:

  • On 12/15 premiums are due for Jan, Feb, Mar
  • On 3/15  premiums are due for Apr, May, June
  • On 6/15 premiums are due for July, Aug, September
  • On 9/15 premiums are due for Oct, Nov, Dec

All checks will be made payable to the “Grand Island Chamber of Commerce” or auto-pay is available.

How do I enroll?

The employer fills out the Group Application.  Each employee fills out the individual enrollment form.  Submit the completed forms along with the monthly premiums to the GICC office no later than the effective date of coverage.

Can I continue to see my own dentist?

You may use the dentist of your choice.  If you utilize a participating provider, you will receive a higher benefit than utilizing a non-participating dentist.  It is your responsibility to make sure the dentist is participating prior to receiving services.

What if my dentist does not participate?

Complete the Provider Recruitment form included with this package and return it to Dental Pay Plus.  They will contact the dentist directly to request that he/she become a member.  We suggest that you contact your dentist to let him/her know that you are now enrolled in Dental Pay Plus and would appreciate his/her considering joining the program.

How do I submit a dental claim?

A claim form is included in this package.  Additional forms may be obtained from the GICC office.  It is not necessary to submit a claim form if you use a participating dentist.  Non-participating dentists will either submit the claim form for you or will instruct you to send the form directly to Dental Pay Plus at the address listed in the top right hand corner of the claim form.

Will I be receiving an identification card?

Each enrolled employee will receive an ID card along with a summary plan booklet detailing the coverage.  One card is provided for each member.

Medical id cards are printed on the 15th of the month and dental cards are printed on the 1st of the month. It takes approximately a week to received id cards by mail. If id cards are not received within a week, contact our office.

What is the age to which my child will be covered under the dental portion?

Children are covered to age 19, or until age 23 if he/she is a full-time student carrying at least 12 credit hours per semester.

How does payment for dental procedures work?

For any service that requires a participant co-payment, you will be responsible for such co-payment to the dentist.  Please refer to the summary of benefits included in this package or to your summary plan booklet you receive after you enroll in the plan.  You will be responsible for the co-payment at the time of service, or will be billed at a later date by your dentist (depending on your particular dentist’s practice).  You will receive a statement from Dental Pay Plus detailing each claim submitted and processed.  The statement will show any participant co-payment required.

Who may I call with questions about my dental plan?

You may contact the GICC office with questions regarding eligibility & enrollment.  Questions regarding coverage or claims, contact Dental Pay Plus directly at 716-831-8171 or toll-free 1-888-683-3682.

Who receives the claim payment for dental benefits?

Claim payments for participating dentists will be sent directly to the dentist.  Claim payments for non-participating dentists can be made to either the dentist or the subscriber.  The subscriber can elect that the payment go to the dentist by signing the “Assignment of Benefits” section of the claim form, or by completing an Assignment of Benefits form, provided by Dental Pay Plus.