What’s Happening on Grand Island

The Grand Island Chamber of Commerce has updated our events calendar for all community events going on in Grand Island. If you have an upcoming event that you would like us to put on our events Calendar, please email us the information at media@gichamber.org 30 Days before your event.


  1. Eric Berger Ins. says:

    We have been @ 2119 GI Blvd for about 7 years. I think that something should be done about the speed limit on the blvd. I think if they lowered the speed limit from Webb Road to Bedell road from 45 to 35 this would be safer and also if the cars slowed down they might notice a merchant in business they could stop & visit. You can’t imagine the # of trucks that go blasting by-heaven help if a child was to run across the blvd. We have seen quite of number of accidents in this time. With my wife’s flower shop she does get people stopping by who never knew there was a flower shop on the Island and have lived on the Island for years. Who knows maybe it might help the insurance office !! Thank you for your time. Eric Berger

    • GI Chamber says:

      Eric, Thanks for your concerns we will pass this on the the Town Board and bring it the Chamber meeting on the 19th of January.