KidBiz Young Entrepreneur Program


The Grand Island Chamber of Commerce has hosted KidBiz Young Entrepreneur Program for the last 21 years always centrally located in the middle of the Island on the lawn just outside Town Hall in the month of June.  KidBiz and the Youth Ambassador Hot dog scholarship fund-raising sale all run concurrently to showcase Grand Island’s best.

The KidBiz Young Entrepreneur Program shows students in grades 2nd through 8th just what it takes to run a business. The kids come up with their own ideas for a product to market, sell and some students even sign a loan agreement with their parents to cover start up costs.

This is a wonderful goodwill opportunity for our current business leaders to set an example for our future business owners and give some guidance to these students.

We have over 120 students who participate in the KidBiz Young Entrepreneur Program. This year KidBiz is on June 24, 2017.