Light Up The Boulevard Parade

Come Celebrate the Beginning of the Holiday Season with us!! Be part of 2019 Light Up the Boulevard Electric Light Parade

All units are asked to play Holiday Music and required Lights Lots & Lots of Lights!! NO SANTAS ARE ALLOWED WITH YOUR UNIT! No tossing of candy, food or leaflets allowed from units. Because it is at night items can NOT be hand out to spectators!

Rudolph Race Route: Assemble at Marston Power Equipment 1970 Grand Island Blvd. no later than 4:00 pm

Parade Route: Grand Island Boulevard (Route 324) from Staley Road to Baseline Road traveling North Arrival: Units are asked to arrive by 4:30 pm which time the Parade route will be blocked to traffic. Marchers are to be dropped off at their indicated line-up address and picked up at the end of the Parade route. All vehicles are required to play holiday music along the route and be lit up with holiday decorations.

Parade Officials: Will be along to place your unit in the proper order. Please make sure your unit is at the indicated address along Grand Island Boulevard so that the officials are able to find you when ready. Forward

Motion at all Times: Keep the line moving! No drills, counter marching or dancing that changes or stops the forward motion. No Gaps: Keep up within 5 feet of the unit in front of you

Emergency Vehicles: In the event that an emergency should arise and the fire/rescue squads are needed, units are asked to pull off to the RIGHT to allow passage by the emergency vehicle Animals/Horses: All animals or animal units must provide their own scooper

Distribution of Items to Spectators: NO tossing candy, food, leaflets allowed from units. Items can NOT be handed out to spectators. If you want to distribute something, please get a Vendors Booth.

Dignity will be Maintained at all Times: NO alcohol or smoking will be tolerated. Any behavior detracting from the dignity of the Parade will cause immediate removal from the line of the March!

Light Up The Boulevard Parade Online Application

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Download the Parade Application Form

If completing your application by paper, please download the 2019 Parade Application, fill it out completely and mail in.