Environmental Steward – LDC Construction

L.D.C. Construction Co., Inc. was stared on February 15, 1973.

It is family owned and operated by7 the Lyle Dinsmore family. It originally operated out to the family home on Whitehaven Rd. In 1981 it bought the property at 1920 Baseline Rd. and moved their operations there.

The main focus of work from the ‘70s through the mid ‘80s was water and sewer main construction. They also did site development including several large playgrounds and a cemetery expansion throughout Western New York.


From the mid ‘80s through the late ‘90s the focus shifted to installing the infrastructure for subdivisions. They installed the water mains, sewer mains, storm drainage, paving and curbing and also retention ponds.

By the early 2000s subdivision work was drying up and the focus turned to marine work, in particular habitat improvement/restoration work. In 2001 they completed a major project at Strawberry Island. Since that time they have worked on every island in the Niagara River except Navy Island (and that is owned by Canada).

They still do private work such as new docks, repairing docks, installation of boat lifts, breakwalls, etc., but the main focus continues to be habitat improvement and restoration work. Currently they are beginning to work on living shorelines.