Dick & Jenny’s for GI Chamber’s Booster Night

Be sure to join us on Wednesday night, October 28th, from 5-8 PM, at Dick & Jenny’s for GI Chamber’s Booster Night, an exciting event in which 20% of your dinner bill will go to benefit our Youth Ambassador Scholarship Fund! This year, we have 2 wonderful Grand Island High School students representing the Chamber as Youth Ambassadors.

Look at what each one of them has to say about their involvement with this wonderful program:

From Tom Stedman:
There is no better feeling than helping out a person or an organization you connect with. Through the youth ambassador program, I have gotten the opportunity to help and learn from so many successful people in my own community. For the very few months I’ve been in the organization it feels like I have learned a lifetime use of knowledge. I am so thankful I am apart of such a great thing.


From MaryElizabeth Rustowicz:
As the Youth Ambassador, I represent the youth of Grand Island. Not only have I met incredible people, but through this experience, I have learned an incredible amount of skills. I was fortunate enough to have the chance to learn from the wise businessmen and woman that are part of the Chamber of Commerce, while helping at events on the Island. I am extremely thankful for this amazing opportunity, and all of the life skills I have learned in such a short period of time.