Looking for 2017-2018 Youth Ambassadors

The Grand Island Chamber of Commerce is looking for 2 Grand Island Residents in high school to become Youth Ambassadors. As a Youth Ambassador you will gain exposure to the fascinating world of local [Read More...]

And Now a Word from Our Youth Ambassadors…

October was National Pizza Month and to finish off a delicious month of pizza, our Grand Island Youth Ambassadors, Sarah Swagler and Jake Tucker have created a blog of a few pizza places on Grand [Read More...]

2014-15 Youth Ambassador

The Grand Island Chamber of Commerce is now accepting applications for the 2014-2015 Youth Ambassador program! Visit our 2014-2015 Youth Ambassador page for more information. We look forward to [Read More...]

Raffle to Benefit the Grand Island Youth Ambassadors

The Grand Island Chamber of Commerce 2013-2014 Youth Ambassadors are selling Raffle tickets for $10 each or 3 tickets for $20. You will have a chance to win: $200 Cash $25 Gift Card to [Read More...]

2013-2014 Youth Ambassadors

The Grand Island Chamber of Commerce selects 2 Youth Ambassadors, to promote interaction and goodwill between the business community and students, to bring them an awareness of the economic [Read More...]

Only 3 Days Left!

Attention all high school Juniors & Seniors, there are just a couple days left to get your applications in for the 2013-2014 Youth Ambassador program.  We've enjoyed reading the excellent entries [Read More...]

Chamber is Looking for 2013-2014 Youth Ambassador’s

The Youth Ambassador program is open to students in the 11th and 12th grades for the 2013-2014 school year.  It is designed to recognize the youth of this area and to select two youth Ambassadors who [Read More...]