2015-2016 Youth Ambassadors

On Tuesday, April 28, the Youth Ambassador Committee met with four finalists: Sarah Swagler (GIHS 2017), Jacob Tucker (GIHS 2017), MaryElisabeth Rustowicz (GIHS 2017), and Tom Stedman (GIHS 2016.)  These talented students had much to say and proved to make the job of selection exceptionally difficult.  All came with outstanding backgrounds in academics, community service, employment, and athletics; all prepared interesting application projects.  All finalists offered insightful and interesting responses regarding their ideal way to make the Youth Ambassador program their own, the best part of Grand Island, and the dreaded strengths and weaknesses question.

The committee is pleased to announce that MaryElisabeth Rustowicz and Tom Stedman have been selected as the 2015-2016 Youth Ambassadors.  Both bring much to the Chamber and we are excited to begin working together.  MaryLis and Tommy will join the 2014-2015 Youth Ambassadors, Maggie Rustowicz (GIHS 2015) and Cole Kline (GIHS 2015) for their first event, Youth Ambassador Night at Dick & Jenny’s this evening, April 29th.